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Hello and WELCOME to everybodysalsa.com

The super friendly home of salsa dancing in and around the Peterborough, Cambridgeshire area.


AT THE 'DRADON FLY' Public House,

Herlington Centre, Orton Malbourne, PETERBOROUGH:

Our super friendly weekly salsa clubs and events are organised by UKA qualified, club salsa teachers. Classes and club currently take place every Sunday evening, in the back room of the 'DRAGON FLY' public house, Herlington centre, Orton Malborne, Peterborough, PE2 5PN. We moved to the 'DRAGON FLY' , at the beginning of the year due to extended alterations to our previous venue, and liked it so much that we deciding to move our regular weekly club to this excellent venue. The venue comes with ample  parking and very friendly bar staff. The drinks are very reasonably priced and we enjoy the privacy of dancing in a seperate room to the main bar area. As well as the dance floor there is a comfortable seating area where you can settle in before your class, and return to throughout the evening and maybe chat with new friends whilst watching other dancers take to the floor.


everybodysalsa teach BOTH POPULAR SALSA STYLES: As from August 2016 everybodysalsa.com will be offering TWO salsa classes per evening. Beginners being introduced to the Cross-body style, whilst more experienced dancers can look forward to experiencing one x Cross-body style class, PLUS one x Cuban style salsa class every week. With the opportunity to practice each class during the freestyle periods that follow each class. When you come along for the first time, we will introduce you to the 'Cross-body' style. (Both the 'New York' style, and 'LA' style salsa dancing are 'Cross-body' style salsa dancing). You will have the opportunity to experience 'Cuban style' salsa as one of the two salsa dance classes that will make up your 'improvers' course, which will follow your, 'beginners' course and as your skills develop. We also occasionally invite high quality guest teachers from both these classic styles, to some of our parties and balls to increase our dancer's familiarity and confidence in both these classic styles.
WHAT TO EXPECT ON YOUR FIRST VISIT: If you are coming along for your first salsa dance class, here is a short outline of what to expect: When you arrive, you will be given an 'everybodysalsa' dance safety guide and a brief introduction to our organisation. The guide is a list of 'common sense' do's and don’ts, that when followed, help create a safe and friendly environment, in which your dancing skill and confidence can develop. You will be asked to sign your agreement to abide by the guidance notes, before entering the club. The receptionist, who is often a teacher too, will also ask you for an e-mail address and mobile phone number, this is simply to enable us to keep you up to date with forthcoming salsa events, etc. as well as any last minute changes to planned classes/events, which occur from time to time. We take care to treat all information with the strictest confidence and only use it for the benefit our dancers.

FIRST TIME: If you are coming along for the first time, maybe a little uncertain of what to expect, possibly unsure if it would be too difficult for you, try this simple test: Ask yourself this question: Can I walk? If the answer is YES, you can also learn dance.


Arrive early for a little extra 'line up' instruction: When possible we offer a 5 minute instruction session to anyone wishing to polish their 'line up' steps. This extra class starts promptly at 7.25pm features at least one different step each week and is open to dancers of all classes.

Salsa1. Starts at 7.35pm with a few warm up steps, 'like line dancing with salsa steps'. This is followed by a level1, 'Beginners' class, and also a 'cross-body' style class for the more experienced dancers. As your class ends, stay on the dance floor for the salsa freestyle disco, (free with your class), here you have the opportunity to practice your newly acquired dancing skills with other dancers in your class, as well as with dancers from other classes too, or just use the time to have a relaxing drink, whilst observing the other dancers do their thing.


THE LINE UP:  You will be invited to join everyone on the dance floor. The music will start and the teachers will demonstrate basic steps and turns in time with the music and invite everybody to join in, (Note, this is not the lesson, just a warm up, where you can experience moving your feet to salsa music, a bit like line dancing with salsa step's). After the music stops dancers are invited to join a class of the appropriate level.


BEGINNERS CLASS: Following the above mentioned ‘line-up’, dancer are invited to join either a ‘Beginners’ class, or a class for 'experienced' dancers. Once in your Beginner’s class your teacher/s will explain the timing of the salsa music and demonstrate each step/turn before inviting you to join in. The pace of the class will be slower than the 'line up', which makes it much easier to pick up and the class will be punctuated with music from time to time, to allow you to practice your new found skills at a faster pace and hopefully in time with the music too! There should be time in your class to have a little one to one time with your teacher, however this time is limited by the number of dancers in the class, and when working with the leading and following techniques, you will have an opportunity to dance, not only with your teacher, but also with every other Lead/Partner in your class, which is a great way to break the ice and get to know the other people in your group.


FREE ENTRY TO THE everybodysalsa FREESTYLE DISCO:       The evening doesn’t end when your class finishes. Immediately following your class, the everybodysalsa freestyle disco begins, with a range of fantastic salsa tracks to keep you on your feet until 11.30pm. The everybodysalsa freestyle disco is an opportunity to dance, not only with people you have recently met on your course, but also with more experienced dancers too! (I guarantee that they don’t bite)

The everybodysalsa freestyle disco is an essential part of your development. A space where you gradually develop confidence in your ability to dance each weeks new steps and moves, and eventually, your own distinctive style of dancing, which is of cause, what the classes are preparing you for, so do stay on and dance, as without practice, progression is harder. The freestyle disco is also a great opportunity to invite other members of your class, including your teacher, for a dance.

When we are not busy preparing your class’s etc. everybodysalsa teachers welcome the chance to dance with you and your fellow class members after your class. We get a lot of pleasure watching you progress and are happy to go over anything that you would like assistance with after your class.

I hope that this rough guide has been helpful to you and look forward to seeing you at one of our weekly salsa clubs soon.

Note: Entry to an everybodysalsa class also entitles you to the everybodysalsa freestyle club, which continues straight after your class until the next begins. You're very welcome and encouraged to stay with us until we close at 11pm every week. For more information please visit the Classes page.


* Do something different this year!
 *  Enjoy great nights out and keep fit too!  
 *  Lose weight the fun way!
 *  Get out more and meet new people!
 *  Learn an exciting new way of dancing!
 *  Click the link to Dance to Everybody Salsa!


An EXCITING NEW six week courses in salsa dancing, with a new course starting regularly throughout the year!

Designed to provide YOU with enough knowledge, which when combined with enough practice, will enable even a completely new starter to be able to dance freestyle with different partners and be able to join in our exciting, regular “Improvers” salsa dance classes, which also takes place every weekIf you would like to ‘discover the salsa dancer in you’, we will be pleased to see you, any Wednesday evening in the function room of the at the 'LIME TREE', public house, Peterborough, PE4 6HA. Doors open from 7.15pm and we dance ‘til 11.30pm.




What's it all about?  A series of 6 great evenings out for adults of all ages to have fun meeting new friends, keeping fit and developing new skills in a relaxed friendly atmosphere.




Who is it for?  It’s for YOU:  If you haven’t danced before, this course is designed to help you develop your ability at a pace that you find manageable and first time dancers are as welcome as those with more experience.




No partner needed: Salsa is a partner dance, but is also a very sociable dance, an environment where you will quickly make friends and where the ‘leads’ are constantly rotating, ensuring that no body misses out, injecting energy into the dance and building confidence along the way.




All ages from 16 to 86 welcome: ‘everybodysalsa’ welcomes you and age is no barrier. As long as you have the desire, we will be here to teach you. We all learn at different speeds and in different ways, so should you find any part of this course more challenging that other parts, our super friendly ‘everybodysalsa’ team is always there to help, and remember, a little extra practice can make a lot of difference to your confidence and ability, so do stay on after your class and enjoy our freestyle club ‘til 11pm.




How much?  The full 6 week course is on offer at ONLY £39!!

You can book a place on the course for yourself, a friend or spouse and become a cool salsa dancer by Christmas!



When can I join?

This course is designed for you to join on either week one, or week two. Students unable to join on week one we will be offered a shorter ‘booster class’ to help you catch up. Anyone wishing to join the course after the second week are welcome to join us on the next course, which is only a few weeks away. Course start dates for 2016 are: 14th September; 2nd November


PARTY NIGHTS: everybodysalsa party nights are a fantastic opportunity to go salsa dancing on a Friday night. These events often include SPECIAL GUEST TEACHERS and DANCE DISPLAYS TOO.

FREE TASTER CLASS FOR NEW STARTERS: These special events also offer a FREE TASTER CLASS FOR NEW STARTERS, ‘so invite your friends’,


DANCING TIL MIDNIGHT:  everybodysalsa party nights continue beyond our weekly club night finish time of 11pm, and we ‘keep on dancing’,  til midnight, allowing plenty of time to dance and socialise with both your class friends and dancers from other classes and clubs too.

These special events also offer a FREE TASTER CLASS FOR NEW STARTERS, ‘so invite your friends’,

Held on Friday nights when most of us don’t have to work the following day, everybodysalsa party nights continue beyond our weekly club night finish time of 11pm, and we ‘keep on dancing’,  til midnight, allowing plenty of time to dance and socialise with both your class friends and dancers from other classes and clubs too.

Entrance to everybodysalsa  Party Night events will remain at only £7.50 Adv and £8.50 on the door, for the foreseeable future, but may be subject to change, so please always check before coming.

Advance tickets will be available on reception at your usual club night, a few weeks before each event.


WHAT EXACTLY IS SALSA? Salsa is nothing less than a ceaselessly evolving multicultural musical miracle! It is a fast and passionate partner dance involving six steps over every eight beats of rich, multi rhythmed Latin music with a fiery tempo.

The wonderfully rich and lively Latin music becomes practically irresistible and after a while you will find it difficult to keep your feet from moving along to the rhythm of modern stars like Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martin, or classic oldies such as Gloria Estefan and Santana. Either way the dancing becomes irresistible, the more you do it, the more you want to! The name Salsa began as a New York nickname that appeared in the early and 0th Century that this new music and dance spread across to, that it was given the name Salsa. Cuba, and shortly after other neighboring countries including The Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Columbia and the US city of Miami provided a hotbed where artists from different cultures came together and merged the beautiful flamenco guitar music of the Spanish troubadours, with the hypnotic Rumbas of  West Africa, and the Anglo/French Danzon, ( Country Dance).


PRIVATE TUITION: There is nothing that you or we are doing that cannot be improved! Whatever you concentrate on, inevitably improves! We are receiving increasing interest in our private classes,  so if there is anything about your dancing that you are not entirely happy with, the individual attention and focus of a private lesson or two, may make all the difference in helping you transform this aspect of your dancing. Whether it is leading correctly, following well, timing, turns, tricks, spins or dips, a private lesson may well do the trick. Your investment is modest, at £50.00 for a couple, or £30.00 on your own.  The above mentioned investment covers tuition only, and does not include traveling costs, or venue hire, (if required). Private classes are taken exclusively by Alan Bull (UKA) and Heather Skibstead.


OTHER SERVICES:  Our team of trained teachers and helpers also perform salsa dance displays and fun, taster classes at festivals, weddings and parties, etc, as well as team building events for business and have extra low, low rates for charity events.

SALSA ROOT’S: The roots of salsa music lie inWest Africa, where the slave trade thrived and where people created rhythms to evoke their Gods, these enchanting rhythms were taken to Cuba along with over one million slaves, over an astonishingly long, 300 years that the slave trade flourished. The Spanish captors, who had wiped out the native, Indian population of Cuba, by a combination of over working and disease, banned the African’s native religion’s, even outlawing the playing of music, unless the slaves converted to Christianity. So slaves used the drum rhythms in Christian worship too. Slaves were forced to adopt Christianity upon arrival in Cuba, but often called their own Gods by Christian names so as to avoid punishment. A similar practice was the progenitor of the "Yo Mama is so..." jokes in existence today among African-Americans. "Mama" was actually a code word for "Master". Hardly anyone telling these jokes today remembers what "Mama" originally stood for.

Most of the listener’s and dancer’s of salsa music are unaware that the drum rhythms also have religious meaning. Various Cabillolos, or secret societies still exist in Cuba, where the knowledge of over 200 different rhythms for different African Gods or Orishas, are still kept to this day.
The Salsa music that we hear today may have it’s roots in Carabbian, but quickly spread to Miami, New York and Mexico, where it has continued to evolve to this day. The term salsa originated in New York in the1940s and was applied, not only to Salsa music, but to any music emanating from Hispanic Countries, and so many distinctive styles of music and dance for example, The Cha Cha Cha; Cumbia; Danson; Gurache; Mambo; and Merengue etc were also referred to as Salsa until quite recently! And the various styles of salsa dancing that we see today bear little resemblance to its pre 1940’s roots.