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 CLASSES: ‘everybodysalsa’ offer an unrivaled, integrated teaching system offering tuition and feedback to both male and female dancers, providing the best possible means of progressing from complete beginner to Advanced Intermediate quality dancers.

Here at ‘everybodysalsa’ we have taken a great deal of care and attention, over many years, to discover and put into practice, the essential aspects of this wonderful form of dance. We deliver this accumulated knowledge to both our male AND female dancers, at a pace that can be absorbed and retained by members of our dance classes.

Our super friendly, integrated teaching system is formed around a tried and tested framework, is designed to enable our dancers to develop a sound working knowledge of both the ‘Cross-body’, and ‘Cuban’ styles of salsa dancing and to integrate these two popular dance styles in a fun and entertaining way, with the intention of producing happy, adaptable dancers with a wide repertoire of skills which they can practice in just about every salsa club in the world

The 'everybodysalsa' integrated teaching system includes regular, ‘intensive’ workshops, where dancers have the opportunity to work on their own personal targets and inject confidence into any aspect of your dancing that could use a boost.

THE CLUB: Our regular salsa clubs offer a total of 3 separate freestyle periods every week, allowing plenty of time to practice new skills that you will pick up every week in our fun, friendly classes.

We believe that we provide the best possible experience for completely new starters to progress from our introductory, 'STRICTLY COME SALSA DANCING’, 6 week beginners course, onto to our, ‘Improvers’ class, with new exciting routines every week, and then on to our amazing ‘Intermediate’ level classes, also with new routines every week, for dancers who really like a challenge!

TURN PATTERNS: The turn patterns that we offer, are all designed to be freestyle friendly. That is to say that 99 per cent of the moves that we teach are designed to be leadable with partners who may not have attended the class! After all, although a couple may look good dancing when both partner and lead know what is coming next, it can even feel enjoyable, but it is nothing to the delight and excitement, that partners can experience when every new move is a surprise! And happy partners make happy leads.

But don’t just take our word for it, come along to our next FREE TASTER CLASS, or join in out next exhilarating 6 week course and discover something truly wonderful right here on your door step :) We believe that our unique teaching system which produces ‘all round’, club salsa dancers, is amongst the best, if not, the best in the UK. Please see our  ‘CLASSES’ page for more information.


'everybodysalsa' workshops usually take place at weekends, at times when most interested dancers are able to attend. Our unique brand of intensive workshops have evolved to provide keen dancers of all levels with increased teacher/pupil ratio, over a longer period than your usual weekly class, allowing you more 121 time with your teacher, time to make adjustments to your dancing and to reinforce the changes you make.

This process significantly increases your chances of retaining the new information, often resulting in increased confidence in your dancing. Each class takes place in a quiet, friendly and informal atmosphere and includes a 10 minute break for light refreshments.

‘everybodysalsa’ 2 hour intensive workshops are ideal for anyone who’d like the opportunity to improve their skills and technique and IS A MUST, for anyone wanting to add a little more style and confidence into their dancing.

The intensive nature of these events, help refine our Leading and Following skills and include a little styling too! The 2 hours allows plenty of time to focus on those little details that make all the difference between ‘getting through’ a dance, & really enjoying it.

The prospect of moving from class to class can be quite exhilarating, as we experience increasingly complex moves and turn patterns and less time to prepare for them, and the first few weeks of a new class can also feel rather fast moving, at times maybe even bewildering, compared to class you are moving/have moved from.

Anyone considering the possibility of moving up to a higher class, or those dancers who have recently done so, may find the slower pace of an intensive workshop, provides a welcome introduction to some of the new movements that you will encounter, or have recently done so, and offer the opportunity to revisit strange new moves that you might not feel entirely comfortable with yet.

Numbers at intensive workshops may be restricted to ensure a reasonable balance of Men and Women, and also to allow every dancer enough 121 instruction, to be able to develop your own personal goals.

HOW TO REGISTER: A few weeks before each event, a form will be made available at reception every week and you will be able to apply for place on the workshop, simply by entering your name, together with your contact details (in case there are any last minute snags). Remember to include something that you would like to feature in the syllabus and please bring your entrance fee.

BOOKING/PAYMENT: Bookings are accepted on a first come, first served basis. Please remember to bring along your booking fee, as I cannot include your preferences until I know you will definitely be attending the workshop.

For more information you can use the contact box at top of this page, or come over and have a chat with me after the classes,

Happy Dancin’, Alan

CHARITY BALLS:  'everybodysalsa' have held a total of nine Charity Balls since we began in 2004 and have invited many national and international celebrity guest teachers, as well as world class performers and bands. Each event has had a different theme and has contained a variety of salsa styles, as well as other interesting dances for you to try, and by donating all our time and effort we have raised well over £6,000.00 for charities from Sue Ryder to the Haiti disaster.

PARTY NIGHTS:  To help celebrate the successful graduation of the each member of the ‘STRICTLY COME SALSA DANCING’, beginners salsa course, 'everybodysalsa' hold inexpensive Party Nights, to mark the day that the successful graduates are invited to join our 'Improvers class'. And in keeping with the spirit of adventure, existing members of the Improvers Class are invited 2 join the Intermediate level class too, and there is often an extra ‘Fun for all’ dance class at 10pm, for those excitable young dancers who still want more!!!

WHAT IS SALSA? Salsa is nothing less than a ceaselessly evolving multicultural musical miracle! It is a fast and passionate partner dance involving six steps over every eight beats of rich, multi rhythmic Latin music with a fiery tempo. The wonderfully rich and lively Latin music becomes practically irresistible and after a while you will find it difficult to keep your feet from moving along to the rhythm of modern stars like Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martin, or classic oldies such as Gloria Estefan and Santana. Either way the dancing becomes irresistible, the more you do it, the more you want to!

The Salsa music that we hear today probably originated in Cuba, although it was not until many years later in New York, that it was given the name Salsa. Cuba, and shortly after other neighboring countries including The Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Columbia and the US city of Miami provided a hotbed where artists from different cultures came together and merged the beautiful flamenco guitar music of the Spanish troubadours, with the hypnotic Rumbas of  West Africa, and the Anglo/French Danzon, ( Country Dance).

It was not until the early 20th Century that this new music and dance spread across to Mexico and New York cities where it really began to take off, aided by commercialization. The name Salsa began as a New York nickname that appeared in the early 1940s.The term was applied, not only to Salsa music, but to any music emanating from Hispanic Countries, and so many distinctive styles of music and dance for example, The Cha Cha Cha; Cumbia; Danson; Gurache; Mambo; and Merengue etc were also referred to as Salsa until quite recently!


There is nothing that you or we are doing that cannot be improved!

Whatever you concentrate on, inevitably improves!

We are receiving increasing interest in our private classes,  so if there is anything about your dancing that you are not entirely happy with, the individual attention and focus of a private lesson or two, may make all the difference in helping you transform this aspect of your dancing.

Whether it is leading correctly, following well, timing, turns, tricks, spins or dips, a private lesson may well do the trick. Your investment is modest, at £50.00 for a couple, or £30.00 on your own.

The above mentioned investment covers tuition only, and does not include traveling costs, or venue hire, (if required). Private classes are taken exclusively by Alan (UKA) and Heather.

everybodysalsa – A brief history: Building on the success of our debut charity salsa ball "The Ball at the Hall" held at Peterborough Town Hall, in December 2004, (which sold out 5 days before the event), all profits being donated to the Mayor's charities - Sue Ryder and Muscular Dystrophy we held our Salsa Extravaganza, in July 2005, which, raised much needed cash for the Save The Children Fund.

Our "masquerade" Christmas ball took place at the Peterborough Hospital Social Club (now a car park)! We again used the Hospital Social Club for our 2006 Mid-Summer Salsa Ball, which enabled us to help out the cash starved St Theresa's day care centre for the homeless, and the Fenland and Marshland branch of the Alzheimer's Society.

Following our, ‘Super Salsa Party at the Windmill Rooms, March, Camb’s in September, we returned to the Hospital Social Club and had a lot of fun with a very popular Caribbean Pirate’s theme for our 2006 Christmas Ball, in aid of Peterborough Samaritans, which helped enable essential phone lines to remain open for some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

We had a huge response to our debut, ‘Two Left Feet party at The Griffin, held in the month of March, in the town of March? And ‘Myths and Legends` was the theme for our 2007 Summer Ball which took place at the Polish Club, Stanground. Two people turned up as a panto horse! For our ‘Wild West’ themed Party at the Polish Club in September, where we returned for a  'Ghosts and Ghoulies' Halloween party in November 2007.

We returned to Stanground for our 'Stars of the silver screen' Christmas Ball where we were treated to two Tango displays and an Argentine Tango lesson from Cambridge Tango’s Mike Rose. 2008 began with a party at our new venue, the GER club in March Camb's, but we returned to the Polish club for a Valentines Party in February where along with a fun beginners class we enjoyed Batchatta and ‘Double Trouble’, where one man dances with TWO women!

It was back to the GER for our 'Summer Fantasy' Ball in July where Francis and Nigore provided a great Advanced Intermediate Cross-body style class and Almas Latino blew us away with their amazing dance display. Then it was back to the Polish Club for our Christmas party. In 2009 we tried new venue St Marks Church Hall, in Lincoln Rd where we invited our first Columbian style teacher, Tanya Espinosa, who along with her brother Serge provided the most unusual display that I have seen!!

We offered two Bachatta classes along with two salsa classes for Valentine's Day 2010 and we stayed at the Polish Club for an extra ‘Spring’ party where along with a fun Merengue class, Tracey and Dennis treated us to Casino Rueda. Two Bachatta classes from Paul and Svetlana added to the two salsa classes on offer and Svetlana did a great job performing her first ever dance display in a salsa club, with me in front of a very discerning audience to form part of our end of year party night 2010.

In 2011 we offered the prospect of a party night every 6 weeks, starting with Valentine’s Day through to Christmas, and we have continued to provide excellent value for money educational events to date.

DANCE DISPLAYS: 'everybodysalsa' also have a salsa dance display team, an ever changing group of dancers made up from our teachers and students. These keen dancers perform at local charity events, private functions, including Weddings, parties and have been very well received as guest performers at other salsa promoter’s events around the country, even featuring on BBC Look East in June 2006, taking no small part in the Peterborough Festival.

We have presented dance display teams of a single pair of dancers, two pairs of dancers, three pairs and even a 12 person team for various events over the years, displaying a beutiful blend of Cross body and Cuban styles in their performances. If you are interested in becoming part of a display team, I’d like to hear from you. You can contact us by using the 'CONTACT US', facility above, or by coming over and having a chat after the classes on any club night.

FUN TASTER DANCE CLASSES: 'everybodysalsa.com' also perform, "introduction to salsa", "introduction to Merengue", taster dance classes, designed to encourage people to try out these exciting partner dances, and see if they like it, (they invariably do)!

These taster sessions, which are always good fun and often include a dance display too, are usually 30 minutes long and are very popular at local charity events, private functions, including Weddings, Christmas parties and celebrations of every kind. They are also forming part of the everybodysalsa team building events which we provide for businesses. If you would like 'everybodysalsa' to perform for you, simply use the contact details above :)

SALSA ROOT’S: The roots of salsa music lie in West Africa, where the slave trade thrived and where people created rhythms to evoke their Gods, these enchanting rhythms were taken to Cuba along with over one million slaves, over an astonishingly long, 300 years that the slave trade flourished.

The Spanish captors, who had wiped out the native, Indian population of Cuba, by a combination of over working and disease, banned the African’s native religion’s, even outlawing the playing of music, unless the slaves converted to Christianity. So slaves used the drum rhythms in Christian worship too. Slaves were forced to adopt Christianity upon arrival in Cuba, but often called their own Gods by Christian names so as to avoid punishment. A similar practice was the progenitor of the "Yo Mama is so..." jokes in existence today among African-Americans.

"Mama" was actually a code word for "Master". Hardly anyone telling these jokes today remembers what "Mama" originally stood for. Most of the listener’s and dancers of salsa music are unaware that the drum rhythms also have religious meaning. Various Cabillolos, or secret societies still exist in Cuba, where the knowledge of over 200 different rhythms for different African Gods or `Orishas`, are still kept to this day.